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At the end of November 2012, the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDP) sent to the Council of Ministers a set of laws, brought on the basis of the Agreement of  Accordance and  Principles of Participation in the Government reached by political parties HDZ B&H, HDZ 1990, SNSD, SDS, SBB and SDP on 20 December 2012, as well as on the Agreement reached between SNSD and SDP on programmatic and project cooperation. Eight legal changes should make interventions in eight areas of public law: signing and implementation of international agreements, the Central Bank of B&H, Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, the Civil Service in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, elections, conflict of interest in the government institutions, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, and public procurement. Additionally, the agreement contains a set of activities on management and distribution of profit in Elektroprenos. The CJP will closely monitor the implementation of the proposed solutions. We are interested in forecasts about the consequences which could occur following the adoption of the new legal regulations: whether the proposed changes are really in function of improving  the economic situation in the country and strenghtening of institutional efficiency as proponents claim.

In this Volume we produce analyses which elaborate areas of proposed legislative changes. We raise several interesting issues from the field of public procurement and, most  directly, the evaluation of the  position of the public prosecution in the political agreement between SNSD and SDP. Other topics are positioned between the discussions on methodology and overviews of current legal trends, including selection of interesting court decisions from the constitutional courts from the region.

With this Volume we are getting into the year which will bring  the Croatian membership  in the European integrations, boosting of the constitutional crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbian public law consolidation regarding the status of Kosovo as well as the assumptions of the start of negotiations for access into EU integration. All these are thematic areas which are in the focus of the Centre for Public Law. Starting from this Volume, their competent treatment is guaranteed by editorial board: Sevima Sali-Terzic (Associate of the Constitutional Court of B&H, Sarajevo), Dr. Alen Rajko (Judge and Acting President of the Administrative Court of Rijeka), Prof. Dr. Vladan Petrov (Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Belgrade).

Public Law Volumes are continuing, I wish our readers pleasant reading.

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